About Us


The KOSOVISION CONTEST is an educational project in form of a contest that will be followed and documented by the Kosovarian media.

Who can participate?

The project is aimed at all fifth grade pupils in Kosovo, i.e. all 11- and 12-year-old primary school pupils. Boys and girls and all ethnic groups are equally involved.

What is the intention of KOSOVISION CONTEST?

One third of Kosovo’s population is aged below 15 years. This generation will play a vital role in the future. The KOSOVISION CONTEST places the children’s experiences, thoughts and ideas centre stage. The children are given the chance to voice their opinions about Kosovo’s future and are given space to develop their own activities.

What is the contest all about?

Teachers carry out workshops with their pupils about the present and the future of Kosovo.The class designs a poster about their ideas and projections for the future of Kosovo. In the form of a project idea the class also describes what their contribution could be. The best ideas and posters are evaluated and awarded.

What happens with the winners?

  • All teachers will get acredited certificates (total: 24 credits)
  • Best 40 projects continue working on the second phase.
  • Classes will get grants to implement the projects.
  • Classes will participate on the award ceremony in Prishtina.
  • Best projects will be awarded.
  • All teachers will get acredited certificates (total: 36 credits)