Our Message

KOSOVISION Contest is in the seventh year of its implementation. The Project idea is to organize competition of grade 5 students in addressing real life problems of their communities in a creative and responsible way. Children work for two months on designing the poster and giving a project idea focusing on four different aspects: education, infrastructure and environment, economy and living together. With help of their class teachers, children generate project ideas and produce posters, which are evaluated on regional level. MEST has provided  financial support for project implementation and this project will continue until September 2017. Kosova Education Center is implementing the project.

In last six years, participation was open to all grade 5 classes in Kosovo, their number reaching 1,250-1,300, whereas the number of students was between 28,000-32,000. In the new Project, the number of participating classes would be reduced to 250-300 or approximately 25% of grade 5 students. We believe that this would strengthen the commitment of schools and municipalities to work on the project.


Motivation of teachers

Instead of providing financial compensation to teachers they will be given chance to participate in a more complex training program and get up to 60 credits. Three-day training (equivalent to 24 credits) would be offered to all teachers participating in the Kosovision Context, replacing the current, one day long information session. Teachers working with winner classes will have chance to gain additional 36 credits based on their project implementation portfolio.